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Dog beach ban enforcement relaxed temporarily

9:40am - 01 May 2020

North Somerset Council has decided to relax enforcement temporarily of the seasonal dog ban on Weston-super-Mare’s main beach which comes into effect today (Friday 1 May).

The council has taken this decision to enable all nearby residents to continue to use the beach for their once a day permitted exercise from home.

The Public Space Protection Order for the main beach will remain in place, but the council will not actively enforce it temporarily. This decision will be kept under review and is dependent on all beach and seafront users acting responsibly, maintaining social distancing measures, keeping dogs under close control and picking up after them.

Cllr Mike Bell, the council’s deputy leader and local ward member said: “We have been contacted many times in the last week by people with varying views on the seasonal dog restrictions and it’s a classic Marmite issue that people are very passionate about. Given the current lockdown measures in place and the greatly reduced numbers of people using the beach and seafront currently we feel it’s appropriate to enable everyone to use the spaces available to conduct their daily exercise.

“I must stress though, this is a temporary measure and we will reconsider the position as soon as the government makes any announcement regarding the current lockdown measures. We may also change our mind if there is evidence that dog owners are not acting responsibly and causing any issues for other beach users.

“These are unusual times for all of us and I hope that adopting this pragmatic approach will prove successful and nearby residents will be able to use the beach and seafront safely.”