Diversify your deliveries: trial an electric cargo bike for free

12:25pm - 29 October 2020

Free one-month loans of an electric cargo bike are up for grabs for businesses across North Somerset to help them reach their customers while cutting congestion, carbon emissions and costs.

Industries already benefitting from zero-emission cargo bike deliveries include courier companies, food and grocery companies, tradespeople and other service providers.

Cllr James Tonkin, North Somerset Council's executive member whose portfolio includes transport, said, “Electric cargo bikes are efficient making short, fast local journeys. They can be wheeled through pedestrian areas and are easy to park, making pick-ups and deliveries quicker than using a van. 

“Restaurants seeking delivery staff say it’s easier to recruit bike riders than drivers of motorised vehicles, offering additional potential for healthy job creation alongside savings on vehicle and fuel costs.”

The electric cargo bike is available for one-month trials from November 2020. Should any business then decide to buy their own, they can apply for grant funding (up to 50% match-funding to a maximum of £3,000 per business) to purchase their own electric cargo bike or to help with other sustainable and active travel initiatives.  

North Somerset Council is also continuing its ongoing ‘Claim a Stand’ initiative, which allows businesses to apply for up to five free Sheffield bike stands to install on their own premises to encourage more journeys to be made by bike. Visit the Travelwest website https://travelwest.info/businesses/north-somerset for information on this and other sustainable travel-related offers and initiatives. 

For further information or an electric cargo bike loan application form, email kerry.oneill@n-somerset.gov.uk.