Demolition of the old police station begins

North Somerset Council is to begin the physical demolition of the former police site on Monday 3 December as part of its plans for Walliscote Place. The demolished station will make way for a contemporary building which will include modern homes in the town centre.

The demolition process, which started in November, has already seen onsite contractors undertaking work to prepare the site including; removing asbestos, taking out fixtures and fittings and disconnecting utilities. Contractors are also due to take down the link to the Magistrates Court and put in ramps and new entrance points to retain access to the site.

The adjoining Magistrates Court, which has recently been used for Heritage Action Zone history open days, will not be part of the demolition.

Cllr Nigel Ashton, Leader of North Somerset Council said: “The demolition of the old police site is the first step in the transformation of this area, which will hold a contemporary apartment building. We expect the process to complete in February. Once the building has been demolished by external contractors, we will aim to recycle much of the material to use for other construction projects within North Somerset.”

The demolition will be filmed from a time lapse camera to showcase the process of demolishing the six-story building over the next few months.

Walliscote Place is part of the Weston Town Centre Regeneration Programme which is delivering improvements to key sites within the town and encouraging inward investment.

The vision for the town centre is focused on the themes of living, learning and lifestyle, with plans to attract more people to live in the town centre, creating a lively university town which will further improve the local economy.