Building North Somerset’s future

Residents in North Somerset have another opportunity to help shape the future growth of the area.

North Somerset Council is inviting residents to give their views on an ‘Issues and Options’ document it has produced looking at the issues raised by future population and housing growth and the options available to address them.

The housing challenge facing North Somerset is to deliver around 25,000 new homes by 2036. Of these, just under 14,000 are already earmarked with just over 11,000 still to be allocated.

The number of new houses, jobs and infrastructure needed across the West of England to 2036 and the main locations for strategic growth are contained in the Joint Spatial Plan (JSP). This is currently being examined by an independent Inspector with public hearings anticipated next May.

While the JSP will provide the overall planning context across the West of England region, detailed proposals for North Somerset will be brought forward in a new Local Plan. This will set out policies to shape future development, helping to guide decisions on future planning applications, as well as allocating sites for housing, jobs, schools and other services and infrastructure to meet North Somerset’s needs up to 2036.

The Local Plan is currently at an early stage of development. As part of the process the council has produced the ‘Issues and Options’ document and is seeking the public’s views.

Residents can read the document and make comments on the council’s website at It is also available to view at the council offices at the Town Hall in Weston-super-Mare and Castlewood in Clevedon and at all North Somerset libraries.

The three-month consultation period will end on 10 December. The council will then produce a draft Local Plan for consultation in the summer next year.