Best-selling historian to visit Clevedon Library

Historian Roger Crowley’s books have ranged in subject across Mediterranean history, from the Atlantic in the west to Constantinople in the east. They are excellent examples of narrative history and deserved best sellers. Roger will be bringing his knowledge of Medieval Europe to Clevedon Library in a talk about his latest book.

The Accursed Tower tells the dramatic story of the end of the Crusades in 1291, when the biggest army Islam had ever raised arrived before the city of Acre, the last stronghold of the Crusaders in the Holy Land. After six weeks of siege the city fell and ended two hundred years of conflict in the region between Christendom and Islam.

Roger will be telling the story of the dramatic chain of events that led up to the siege, the bloody events of the siege itself and the aftermath.

Roger’s talk is at Clevedon Library on Tuesday 11 February at 7pm. Tickets are free and are available on Eventbrite at

Clevedon bookshop Books on the Hill will be there selling copies of The Accursed Tower and Roger’s other books, which the author will be happy to sign.