Author to tell story behind award-winning book

Author Kate Moore will be talking about her award-winning book ‘The Radium Girls’ when she visits Yatton Library and Children’s Centre on Thursday 11 April.

‘The Radium Girls’ tells the story of a group of women in 1920s America who worked in factories painting luminous paint onto dials of clocks and various electrical instruments, not knowing that the paint they used was killing them. It contained radium and their prolonged use of this paint shortened their lives considerably.

The book tells of their fight for justice after their employer denied all responsibility and contains elements of a medical mystery, a courtroom drama and a horror story.

On her visit to Yatton Kate will be revealing how she came across the story and how she conducted her research into the tragedy, travelling to America to interview family members of the original radium girls.

There will be an opportunity to talk to Kate and to buy a copy of the book from Clevedon’s Books on the Hill bookshop who will be at the event.

Kate, a British writer based in London, will be at the library in High Street, Yatton from 7.30pm on 11 April. Tickets are free and available from – just search for ‘Eventbrite Radium Girls Yatton’. Alternatively, ask in any North Somerset library.