Report a missed collection

If we haven’t emptied your bins on your collection day, you need to tell us by the end of the following working day. For example, if your collection day is Friday you will need to tell us by 11.59pm on Monday.

Did you know?
It costs around £107 per tonne to send waste to landfill, but some materials have a value when sold on to be recycled. Minimising the volume of waste we send to landfill and maximising the amount of material we recycle can keep the cost of waste collections lower for council tax payers.

The quickest way to report your missed collection is to sign in to MyAccount.

sign in to MyAccount to report a missed collection

If you don’t want to use MyAccount this time, you can use our missed collection report form. You won’t receive any updates about your report if you choose this option.

complete the missed collection report form

After you have told us, leave your bins out so we can come back and empty them, usually within 48 hours of your report.