Types of waste

Find out what you can recycle and what happens to your recycling

Find out what you can put in your food waste bin

Find out about what you can put in your garden waste bin, how to compost at home and about our garden waste service

Find out what you can put in your black rubbish bin or grey rubbish sacks

Find out how to order, return or replace a new recycling, food waste, compost, rubbish or garden waste bin

Until Friday 22 November we’re not taking any new orders for recycling boxes, food waste boxes and food waste caddies to allow our contractor Biffa to catch up with the deliveries.

You can still order wheelie bins and garden waste bins (bags) but there may be a delivery delay.

If you don’t have any recycling containers and haven’t already ordered them then please contact wasteman@n-somerset.gov.uk or call 01934 888 802.

If you’re waiting for an order to be delivered then please accept our apologies for the delay.  We’re aiming to be caught up by the end of November. If you’re waiting for any recycling containers to be delivered (recycling boxes, food waste boxes and food waste caddies) and you are able to collect them from Clevedon then please drop us an email  wasteman@n-somerset.gov.uk and we can arrange a suitable time.