Respite is short term care to give carers a break. The length of a break will be agreed as part of an assessment, and is based on individual needs.

Respite can be:

  • care in a care home for a week or longer to enable a carer to go on holiday or have a longer rest
  • care at a day centre or care home
  • care at a person’s home by a trained person for a few hours to give a carer a short break – this includes sitting and talking to the person being cared for, helping to get a cared person up, washed and dressed and preparing meals

Anyone receiving respite will be assessed to decide how much they need to contribute towards the cost. Services provided directly to carers are normally free. Respite services can be arranged by us or a sum of money, known as a personal budget or direct payment, can be awarded for you to make arrangements.

There are other services to help the person you care for with social activities. These are provided by a range of organisations and can be one-off or on a regular basis.

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