Community meals on wheels

We deliver meals to older and unwell people who have difficulty preparing food. A welfare check will also take place during a visit. This includes cutting up food, fetching a cold drink, fetching cutlery and reminders to take medication. We will also check that the person is comfortable and can contact their family or a doctor if there is a problem.

Our meals are ready to eat when delivered. We offer a wide variety of meals and cater for any allergies and specialist diets, including gluten free, low sugar (for diabetics) or soft food for people who have difficulty chewing. We can also deliver a teatime meal (sandwiches or salad).

You can choose how many days you receive a meal during the working week (Monday to Friday). At weekends we only deliver to the most vulnerable people.

To apply for meals on wheels complete and return our:

Meals on wheels cost £5.50 for a hot meal and pudding. The additional tea time meal is £3.40. There is no charge if a meal is cancelled.
community meals on wheels

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