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Changing schools during the school year

Unsuccessful applications

We cannot guarantee schools will accept all the children who apply. If your application is not successful we will write to you explaining why.

You will be given these options:

  • We will offer you a place at another school
    • This might be one of your other preferences, or will be the nearest school to your home with a place available. You can accept the place we offer or keep your child at their current school.
  • You can request to be added to a waiting list for your preferred school and we will contact you when a place is available
    • Your details are only kept until the end of the current term. To keep your details on a waiting list you need to contact us at the start of each term. Sometimes we may advise you to contact the school directly.
  • You can make an appeal
    • You will be asked to explain to an independent appeal panel why your child should attend your preferred school.