Home to school transport for North Somerset pupils

Coronavirus update

We’ve been working with Public Health and our suppliers to introduce safe working practices to keep our customers and staff safe.

Social distancing measures on our home to school transport will be in place for the foreseeable future, severely restricting the available capacity in our vehicles.

We’re working closely with the affected schools to decide how we can safely transport students and to inform parents and carers of our plans as soon as possible.

We want to ask parents and carers to think about using sustainable alternatives where they can, such as walking or cycling. We’re looking at what measures can be put in place to help make this possible.

We will be offering mileage payments for cycling or parental car journeys in accordance with our home to school policy. We strongly urge parents to consider this option given the Government’s advice to avoid public transport.

We provide help with transport for children who meet these conditions:

  • are aged up to eight years-old and live further than two miles from their nearest school by the shortest walking route
  • are aged eight and above and live further than three miles from their nearest school by the shortest walking route
  • need to use a route that has been classed as dangerous
  • have certain medical conditions, disabilities or a statement of complex needs. If your child has a statement of special educational needs, discuss your child’s travel needs with your special educational needs officer

Policy statements

How to apply

You can apply from the Mission website. Click on the appropriate form and follow the link.

Paper submissions should be used as a last resort.


If your application has been turned down you can appeal to the transport appeals panel in writing, please refer to the policy document which applied to your application for guidance.

You will need to provide reasons why your child should be entitled to free transport and any supporting documents with your appeal letter.

school transport enquiries

01934 634 715