Claverham Neighbourhood Plan

Yatton Parish Council, with help from the local community, are preparing two separate Neighbourhood Development Plans; one for Yatton and one for Claverham. This will help to shape the Parish over the next 15 years. The neighbourhood areas (one each for Yatton and Claverham) were designated on 24 April 2015.

The Claverham Neighbourhood Plan was formally “made” by Council on 20 February, following the successful referendum result on the 18 January. You can view the Plan and the formal declaration of result below.

The following referendum documents can be viewed.

Previous stages

The Claverham Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to North Somerset Council on 9 May 2017. Executive on 20 June agreed North Somerset comments on the Plan and gave authorisation to arrange an independent examination.

The plan was subject to six weeks formal consultation arranged by North Somerset Council from 23 June to 4 August 2017. All responses to this were forwarded to the examiner Mr Andrew Ashcroft. He has considered the plan against the “basic conditions” set out in the planning act. On 28 August 2017 he issued the following clarification note for the Neighbourhood Plan group to respond to. The response to this is also published below.

Mr Ashcroft has now submitted his report to North Somerset Council and this was considered at Executive on 24 October 2017. He has recommended that the Plan with modifications will pass the necessary basic conditions and can therefore go forward to referendum within the Plan area.

The Plan and other submitted documents can be viewed for information below with the exception of document 3a which can be viewed on the Claverham Neighbourhood plan website.

Other documents submitted to the examiner are: