About conditions

When an application is decided, conditions are normally added that must be met. Some conditions will require to submit details to us for approval. To do this you should:

  • submit an online application for the ‘Approval of Details Reserved by Condition’ using the Planning Portal
  • state the reference number of the approval notice
  • list the relevant condition numbers
  • confirm which associated documents (including drawing numbers) relate to which conditions
  • include plans and elevations to show any new structures required by a conditions, such as balcony screens
  • include the fee (£34 for householder approvals and £116 for all other approval types).
  • follow the ‘discharge of condition’ advice found in the column to the left

Applications letters which state ‘details to follow’ will not be approved.

You should allow plenty of time for the details you submit to be considered and approved by us. Normally it can take up to eight weeks for a final decision to be made.

If you carry out works without first getting the relevant conditions approved we may not be able to discharge them, even if the details you sent to us are otherwise acceptable. This can result in development schemes remaining unauthorised which can in turn delay or even prevent any future sale of the property.

Outline approvals

Some conditions attached to an outline approval cannot be discharged until the reserved matters has been approved. If an application is submitted to discharge planning conditions on an outline planning consent that can’t be considered independently of the reserved matters, the request will be refused and fee will not be refunded.

If you are unable to meet conditions you can apply to change them.

If you want to change or remove a condition, you must let us know. You can change or remove more than one condition using the same application.

If you want to change the original approval you must do so before applying to discharge any conditions attached to that approval. Applications to discharge conditions which include details that show unapproved changes to the original scheme will not be approved and fee will not be refunded.