Discharge of condition – energy

To discharge energy conditions from your planning permission, apply and pay using the Planning Portal website 

Applications need to show:

  • the energy demand of the proposed building
  • the % of the energy demand of the building that would be provided by the proposed renewable energy equipment
  • the location of the proposed renewable energy equipment
  • the product details of the proposed renewable energy equipment

Important advice:

  • the use of fabric first principle instead of the use of micro renewable technologies does not comply with condition requiring renewable energy generation
  • the use of log burners does not comply with the conditions requiring renewable energy generation
  • if the cost of complying with the condition makes the scheme financially unviable you will need to justify this by submitting clear evidence before we will agree to a lower provision of renewable energy
  • view our important advice about energy statements

View section 11 of our creating sustainable building and places in North Somerset guidance (adopted 2015)

Code level 3

Although this condition is not applied to new planning applications, it is a condition on older planning applications. If this condition is included on your planning application you can submit details to comply with the condition or submit an application to remove the condition.