Pre-decision changes

Changes can improve a proposal and help make a scheme acceptable. A change can be made with or without us asking for it.

  • A new application will be needed if we decide a change is substantially different from what was originally sent
  • When we ask for changes we will normally give you a deadline to send us your changes
  • If information has not been sent to us in time, the original application is likely to be refused
  • If you change the site boundary you need to make sure the ownership certificate sent is still valid

When sending changes to us:

  • include a covering letter to explain what has been changed
  • include updated plans and make sure plan reference numbers are changed to show it is a different version

As a result of a change:

  • a development’s description might be changed by us. Tell us if you are not happy with the change
  • a 14 day re-consultation might be needed