Flood risk assessment

Policy justification

Refer to:

  • paragraph 17, and sections 10 and 11 in the National Planning Policy Framework
  • policy CS3 in our Core Strategy


An assessment will look at the flood risk to properties and people, and show how it will be managed. It should:

  • show any opportunities to reduce flooding
  • show any use of sustainable drainage systems
  • address any requirement for safe access to and from a development in a flood risk area

Detail in your flood risk assessment will depend on the level of flood risk at your site. More detailed assessments will include hydraulic modelling. Flood risk is worked out by considering:

  • the type of development
  • the size of site and its location to flood zones
  • the amount of surface water runoff the site will discharge
  • other sources of flooding (e.g. groundwater)

Completing a flood risk assessment does not mean a development is acceptable in flood risk terms. Agree the content of your assessment with the Environment Agency before sending us an application.

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