Residential annexes

Residential annexes (or granny annexes) are developments that allow relatives to live with their family independently.

Planning permission is needed:

  • to build an annex, not attached to the main house, within your property boundary
  • for any new building to provide an annex associated with a flat
  • when there are conditions attached to a previous planning approval preventing development

Planning permission is not needed:

  • to convert a residential out building, within the property boundary, when there will be no kitchen or cooking facilities

Planning applications for residential annexes must comply with:

  • policy DM43 of our sites and policies plan – part 1 development management
  • policies H7, H8 and RD3 of our replacement local plan
  • policies CS32, CS33, CS10 and CS11 of our Core Strategy
  • our residential design guide standards
  • our parking standards supplementary planning documents

We recommend you employ an accredited agent and use our pre-application advice service.

Statement of use

When sending us your application for an annex you must include a statement to show:

  • who will use the annex
  • the user’s relationship to the occupants of the main house
  • how the use of the annex will meet our policies

Building regulations

You may need permission under building regulations legislation.

building control website

Detailed guidance for planning professionals