Outline applications

Outline applications need to include details of the proposed use and amount of development. It must also include suggested access points. To approve an outline application we need enough information to show the use and amount of development proposed can be satisfactorily met on the site.

We will need:

  • a completed application form
  • design and access statement
  • an application fee
  • a location plan
  • information about the proposed use or uses, and the amount of development proposed for each use
  • information, where access is a reserved matter, to show the areas where access points are proposed
  • an environmental impact assessment
  • plans, drawings and any other information to describe any matters that are not reserved for approval
  • information asked for by our adopted local list of application requirements to describe any matters which are not reserved matters
Outline applications are not accepted for changes of use or developments in a conservation area.

Reserved matters

Reserved matters can include:

  • Access. The accessibility to and within a site for vehicles, cycles and pedestrians, in terms of the positioning, treatment and circulation of routes and how these fit into the surrounding access network
  • Appearance. The aspects of a building, or place, within the development that decide the visual impression made. This includes the external form of a development, its architecture, materials, decoration, lighting, colour and texture.
  • Landscaping. The treatment of land (other than buildings) for the purpose of enhancing or protecting the amenities of a site. This includes:
    • screening by fences, walls or other means
    • the planting of trees, hedges, shrubs or grass
    • the formation of banks, terraces or other earthworks
    • the laying out or provision of gardens, courts, squares, water features, sculpture or public art
    • the provision of other amenity features;
  • Layout. The way buildings, routes and open spaces within a development are situated and orientated about each other and to buildings and spaces outside the development
  • Scale. The height, width and length of each building proposed to its surroundings.

Including reserved matters in your application

You can send details of any reserved matters as part of an outline application. Unless you have shown those details are sent for illustrative reasons only (or has shown they are not formally part of the application) we will treat them as part of the development. We cannot reserve that matter by condition for future approval.

Asking for more information after registration

When we think an application should not be considered separately from all, or any, of the reserved matters we must tell you we are unable to make a decision unless further information is sent to use. We will ask you to send us this information. This must take place with a month of the application being received.