Addendum to Environmental Statement

In March 2020, we refused planning application 18/P/5118/OUT. Bristol Airport Limited has lodged an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate (PINs) against our decision.

On 30th November 2020, Bristol Airport Limited submitted updated information that superseded some of what was included in the initial planning application. Bristol Airport Limited said this update was needed in response to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Additional information

The additional information was given a new reference number of 20/P/2896/APPCON so it can be distinguished from the information submitted prior to the planning application being decided.

The additional information included an addendum to the Environmental Statement and associated documents, including a Parking Demand Study addendum, Transport Assessment addendum, Forecast Report and Economic Impact Assessment addendum.

The consultation

The consultation on the additional information closed on 6 January 2021. All the comments received have been sent to the Planning Inspectorate so that they can take them into account when considering the appeal.