About the Bristol Airport planning application

Latest update

The public inquiry against the council’s decision to refuse planning permission for the expansion of the airport closed on Friday 8 October.

The panel of three inspectors appointed by the Planning Inspectorate have listened to the arguments for and against the proposals. They will now consider all the evidence before them. In due course, they will issue a decision letter with their conclusion to either dismiss or allow the appeal.

Once the appeal has been decided there is no further right of appeal.

The decision can only be challenged in a court of law by requesting a judicial review. A claim for judicial review is a request to review the lawfulness of the decision in relation to the exercise of a public function.

Requests for a judicial review must be made within six weeks of the date of the appeal decision.

More information

Please see our frequently asked questions for more details.

You can also find out more on the Bristol Airport inquiry website, where you will find news and documents relating to the inquiry and the links to watch the sessions.