About the car parking review

Changes to car parking charges are coming to North Somerset this year and we want your help to shape the plans.

In January our Executive agreed to several changes to what and where people will have to pay to park.

But before the plans are finalised, we are collecting feedback from communities to help us design the best approach for each area.

First, we asked town and parish councils to let us know the best way for us to gather this feedback. We  launched the consultation on Monday 17 February.

The proposals were drawn up by a cross-political party working group in response to residents’ calls for a fairer approach to parking.

Some tariffs in car parks and on the roads in Weston will become cheaper, while fees will be introduced to other areas and charges will become more consistent across North Somerset.

The changes aim to make sure parking is managed in the best and fairest way possible, to encourage turnover of visitors to town centres, to make sure any fees are reasonable, and to cover the costs of enforcement in paid for and free spots. In response to the climate change emergency declared by the council last year, the changes also aim to encourage people to choose different ways to travel.

If you have substantial comments or concerns you should speak to a representative from your town or parish councillor, or your North Somerset councillor, so they can collect and share with us the best information for your area. You can find the details for your North Somerset councillor on our website at www.n-somerset.gov.uk/findmycouncillor

Next week we will launch an online questionnaire to help you think about the key issues and help us understand how people use the parking available now, and how and where they would like to see changes in future. Visit www.n-somerset.gov.uk/carparkingreview on Monday to take part. It will be open until Tuesday 31 March.

Once all the feedback has been collected transport teams will use it to develop detailed proposals for each area. There will then be a legal process we have to follow, which usually includes a statutory consultation. The earliest new charges are likely to be seen is the summer, but this will depend on the feedback we are given in the coming weeks.

Car parks where new charges are proposed

  • Clevedon – Great Western Road East
  • Clevedon – Great Western Road West
  • Clevedon – Marson Road
  • Nailsea – Clevedon Road
  • Nailsea – Station Road
  • Portishead – Roath Road

Areas where new on-street charging is proposed

  • Clevedon town centre
  • Clevedon Hill Road area
  • Clevedon seafront
  • Leigh Woods area
  • Nailsea town centre
  • Portishead town centre
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