About civil parking enforcement

From Monday 3 April 2017 we’ll be responsible for civil parking enforcement or CPE. This means that it will be us and not the police that enforce most off- and on-street parking restrictions across North Somerset.

If you park carelessly in breach of traffic regulations you will be subject to a fine called a penalty charge notice or PCN.

Money raised through PCNs will go towards the cost of running CPE. Any surplus income will be reinvested in transport initiatives and road improvements, in line with Department for Transport guidelines.

Benefits of CPE

Under CPE there’ll be better enforcement of existing parking regulations. This will lead to better parking in areas where there are restrictions, as well as improved turnover of parking spaces – supporting town centres and shopping streets as it will be easier for visitors and shoppers to park.

CPE helps to improve safety of pedestrians and road users as people aren’t able to flout restrictions such as double yellow lines or zig-zag markings.

Other benefits include:

  • ensures fair access to parking
  • acts a deterrent to inconsiderate and dangerous parking
  • alleviates congestion and pollution by keeping the highway open for the free flow of traffic
  • reduces the abuse of disabled parking spaces, leaving them free for genuine blue badge holders
  • increases access and response times for emergency vehicles
  • improves safety outside schools