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About noise complaints

We can take action to control and reduce noise nuisance in the area.

Where possible we will try to resolve noise problems informally. If this doesn’t work we can take action to stop the noise nuisance. We can investigate:

  • continuous dog barking
  • continuous sounding of car or house alarms
  • DIY activities for prolonged periods of time or at unreasonable hours
  • loud amplified music or loud TV
  • commercial noise – for example from construction sites or demolition work
  • licensed premises noise – for example from pubs and clubs

Noise recording app

Once you have registered a complaint with us, you will be able to submit noise recordings using the Noise App on your phone.

You will be asked to sign up for an account before completing the form.

The app is free to download:

Further information can be found on the Noise App user guide below. 

How to report

You can report a noise nuisance to us through the form below. 

Complaints about aircraft noise should be referred to the Civil Aviation Authority.