Extended access

Extended access is a service that enables you to use the library when staff are not present.

Extended access is available at:

  • Portishead Library
  • Winscombe Library
  • Worle Library and Children’s Centre
  • Yatton Library and Children’s Centre

If you are a registered library customer and have attended a briefing, you can access these libraries outside of staffed hours, including evenings (5.15pm to 8pm), weekends (8am to 8pm) and most Bank Holidays.

You will be able to:

  • scan your library card and use your pin to enter the library
  • connect to our free wifi
  • use a computer
  • print and photocopy
  • access online e-resources
  • issue, return and renew items and pay charges using the self-service kiosks
  • collect reserved books and items
  • use the library to meet others, read and study
  • read books and newspapers

For safety reasons there are no toilet facilities available during extended access hours.

Booking a briefing

Before you can use extended access, you need to attend a briefing at each library you intend to use.

Sessions are free and take 20 to 30 minutes.

If you are not currently a library member, you can sign up at your induction. Just bring some current ID which show your name and address.

Sign up for your briefing session on the Eventbrite website. If there are no suitable induction dates for you, contact the library directly to book an alternative time.

Using extended access

To use extended access you must have a current library membership with us or another LibrariesWest authority (Bath and North East Somerset, Dorset, Bristol, Poole, Somerset and South Gloucestershire).

You must be at least 16 years old to sign up to the service, or 15 if you have parental permission. If you are aged 15 or under you can use extended access if you are accompanied by a parent/carer who has registered to use the service.

You access the library by scanning your library card on the card reader outside the main library doors and entering your PIN. The doors will automatically open for you when you wish to exit the library.

When the extended access time is coming to an end, you will hear a pre-recorded message. If you are using one of our public computers, they log off 10 to 15 minutes before the library closes.

If an emergency occurs while you are in an unstaffed library, you can call our out of hours number on the help phone. If the emergency is very serious you can use the same help phone to call 999. You will be shown the help phone at your briefing.

You can also use the help phone at certain times to call library staff if something isn’t working correctly. If you don’t need assistance urgently, you can let our library staff know by leaving a note in the comments box for them to pick up when they are next in, or email them.


If you are currently able to use the library, you will be able to use it during extended access hours, as long as you have had an induction. There will be no staff on site during extended access, so there will be nobody to assist you should you need it. If you need a carer with you, they will also have to be a registered library user and will need to have attended a briefing.