Organising an event

If you are interested in putting together an event, you’ll need to think about insurance, security, licensing and more.

Please contact our Seafront and events team to discuss it:

seafront and events team

01934 626 982

Event applications

If you want to hold an event on our land you will need our permission.

For an event to approved you will need to send us:

  • an event application form
  • a risk assessment for your event
  • confirmation that you have public liability insurance for a minimum of £5million
Depending on your event we might ask for more information and safety documents.

Most applications need to be sent to us a minimum of six weeks before your event takes place. We recommend that you send us your application well before your proposed event date. Applications sent to us not meeting our deadlines will be refused. Major or larger events will need a longer lead time. For notification periods please check the application form:

Fees and charges

We do charge for the hire of land for events. Site fees must be paid before your event takes place.


If you are using our land, property or facilities you must arrange public liability insurance with at least £5m cover. The insurance must cover the entire length of the event.

You’ll need to ensure that any third parties, such as contractors and entertainers, have their own public liability insurance with at least £5m cover.

You’ll need to send proof of your cover, and that of any third parties, to our events teams with your application form.

If you want to include third party risk under your own insurance, you’ll need to send us written confirmation from your insurers.

Policing and security

You should visit the National Counter Terrorism Security Office website for advice.

Fire safety

You will need a fire safety assessment that includes:

  • measures to reduce the risk of fire breaking out or spreading on the premises
  • means of escape from the premises
  • measures to ensure that the means of escape can be safely and effectively used at all times
  • means for fighting fires on the premises
  • means for detecting fire and giving warning in case of fire on the premises
  • arrangements for action to be taken in the event of a fire – including the instruction and training of employees – plus measures to minimise the effects of the fire.

You’ll also need to include measures for people with special needs. You can find more information on the Gov.UK website.

Special arrangements must be made for dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres. Find out more about the regulations on the Health and Safety Executive website.

For more information about fire risk assessments visit the Avon Fire and Rescue website.

Licensing (alcohol and entertainment)

If your event is free to enter you will need to apply for street trading consent. You need to do this at least six weeks before your event.

If you want to hold a charity street collection you will need a permit. The permit is free and you will need to apply at least three weeks before your event.

If your event includes the sale of alcohol, entertainment or hot food or drink after 11pm you will need a licence. There are different types of license depending on our event. Contact our licensing team to find out what licence you need.

Closing a road

If you want to close a road or introduce a temporary road restriction, you’ll need to apply to us for permission. You will need to make your application 12 weeks in advance.

Health and safety

Visit the Health and Safety Executive website to find information about health and safety at events.

Food safety

If you’ll be providing food at your event visit the Food Standards Agency website for advice.

Fireworks and explosives

If you want to use fireworks or explosives at your event, you’ll need a licence.

Other useful information

You can visit the Business Companion website to find out about legislation on:

  • product safety
  • weights and measures
  • food labelling
  • counterfeit goods
  • consumer rights and refunds

The Gov.UK website has some helpful information about organising a street party.