Affordable housing

Affordable housing are homes for sale, or rent, below the usual market price. It’s available to certain households depending on their circumstances.

Affordable housing includes:

  • social rented housing
  • affordable rent housing
  • shared ownership housing
  • intermediate rent housing

In North Somerset affordable homes are developed or purchased by a number of housing associations (also known as registered providers) which we work closely with.

You can apply for social and affordable rent housing through the HomeChoice housing register.

You can look for shared ownership and intermediate rent homes to buy on the Help to Buy South website.

Developing affordable housing

On all new residential housing developments with more than 11 homes, we aim for up to 30% of them to be affordable housing.

We have a small number of housing development sites where 100% of the homes built are affordable housing.

Delivering affordable housing in partnership

We are part of the HomesWest partnership which delivers new affordable housing across North Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

The partnership:

  • supports increased delivery
  • develops housing and planning policy
  • develops best practice while meeting local affordable housing priorities

Other types of affordable housing

We also have other affordable housing initiatives available for the residents of North Somerset.