Summer Lane flood relief scheme

We revealed plans last year to reduce the risk of flooding in Locking Castle with improvements to the Summer Lane ponds and surrounding ditches.

You can find out more about the plans our press release and information leaflet:

Our aim was to start work this summer, but, unfortunately the price we have been quoted to build the scheme has come back well over budget.

Most of the money is coming from the Environment Agency and Regional Flood and Coastal Committee. There are no opportunities to increase the amount we have been awarded and North Somerset Council cannot afford to spend more than already allocated for any of its planned projects.

The only option is to go back and reassess the original plans to see if there is a possibility of redesigning the scheme to still achieve all or most of the flood protection aims for less money.

We have started this work straight away. It will take time for us to develop and go through possible options, but we hope to have an update by the autumn. It is not a choice we want to be making and we are frustrated we cannot start building work as originally planned, but we cannot progress with the costs so very high.

While we go back to the drawing board, to help protect the 85 properties we have identified as being at very high or significant risk of flooding we still have the temporary flood defences that we will install if conditions indicate there is a strong chance of flooding.

In the meantime, if you want to do more, as it is always a good idea to be prepared where ever you live, is an online directory developed by the National Flood Forum which gives links to products and services to protect your property, as well as flood resilience advice.

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