Stray or lost dogs

All dogs must be microchipped and contact details for the owner kept up to date. We recommend that you make sure your dog always wears a collar with your contact details on it.

If we find a stray dog

We will return your dog to you free of charge if we can contact you within 30 minutes of finding it. If we can’t contact you, your dog will be looked after for up to seven days at kennels which you will be charged for.

If your dog isn’t claimed in seven days, it will be rehomed. Healthy dogs are never destroyed unless they present a danger to the public.

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If you find a stray dog

During normal office hours report a stray dog to our dog warden by calling us. For other non-urgent enquiries please email us.

Council Connect - dog warden

01275 888 802

Outside of normal office hours you can report a stray dog to our CCTV team. They will take all the details and where necessary ask our contractor to contact you or the owner.

CCTV - out of hours

01934 622 669

Our contractor will not respond to a stray dog who has not been caught. They also won’t respond to a dog that has been involved in a road traffic accident – this needs to be reported to the RSPCA.

If a stray dog is on the motorway please report it to Highways England.

Highways England

08457 504 030