Problems paying Council Tax

If you will have problems paying your monthly instalments you can reduce the amount you pay each month by extending your payments into March. To request extended payments you should email as soon as you receive your bill.


If you are in receipt of Council Tax support and struggling to pay your Council Tax the FirstSteps team may be able to help you with the repayment of your outstanding Council Tax.

FirstSteps offer a non-judgemental, supportive service that is sensitive to your individual circumstances. FirstSteps help to:

  • avoid escalating costs by providing immediate intervention
  • understand your situation and see where we may be able to help
  • check you are claiming all the benefits available
  • check you are getting the maximum entitlement to Council Tax support and any discounts available
  • let you know of schemes that may help you
  • link you up with other organisations that can help
  • use our check and connect service to make sure we understand your needs are you’re put in touch with support that is relevant
  • book you in with Citizens Advice North Somerset who can provide support and advice on a range of topics
  • work with you to find a repayment arrangement which is affordable and adaptable if your situation changes.

If you receive a summons, or are unable to pay an outstanding amount, we can work out a repayment plan.

You’ll need to complete a means test form with details of what you spend and your income, along with an offer of repayment. When making an offer you need to make sure any outstanding balance is paid within the current financial year.

Independent organisations may also be able to offer you advice.