Council Tax discount

Exemptions and discounts are regularly reviewed.

Single person discount

If you live on your own in a property that is your main residence you are entitled to a 25 per cent reduction on the amount of Council Tax that you pay.

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When your circumstances change and you are no longer living on your own you will need to tell us.

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Disability tax relief

If you, or a member of your household is disabled, you may qualify for Council Tax relief.

Modifying a property to accommodate the needs of a disabled person can change your property band. Modifications that affect your banding are:

  • a second bathroom or kitchen required for meeting the needs of a disabled person
  • a room set aside to provide facilities for a disabled person
  • sufficient room for a disabled person to use their wheelchair indoors
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Major repair discount

If an empty property is undergoing major repair work we may be able to apply a 50 per cent discount on your Council Tax for a maximum of 12 months.

To qualify, the property must be uninhabitable and require structural repair, such as to external or load bearing walls or to the roof.

You will need to provide proof of the repairs or construction work required, such as a surveyor’s or builder’s report.

If you are carrying out the works yourself you will need to provide estimates or invoices detailing the building materials used and photographs of the work that is required/taking place.

Works not considered to be structural repairs include:

  • internal decoration
  • plastering
  • replacing doors and windows
  • plumbing and rewiring
  • replacing/installing kitchens and bathrooms
  • no services connected

To apply for the major repair discount, you should email with details and proof.