Council Tax discounts

Some people are entitled to a discount on their Council Tax bill.

Single person discount

Council Tax bills are worked out assuming two adults live in a property. If you are the only adult in your home, you can apply for a single person discount, which gives you a 25% reduction.

You’ll need to log in to or register for MyAccount to apply for a discount. MyAccount is a quick and safe way to manage your Council Tax online.

sign into MyAccount to apply for single person discount

Student discount

If two adults live in your home and one is a full-time student, you may be able to get a student discount. The student must be taking a course of at least 21 hours a week for 24 weeks a year.

If three adults live in your home and one of you is a student, you won’t be entitled to a student discount.

If you think you are eligible for a student discount, upload a copy of your student certificate.

upload your evidence to apply for a student discount

Severe cognitive disorder discount

There are also discounts for people who have a severe cognitive disorder.

Find out more about how to claim a severe cognitive disorder discount.

People who don’t pay Council Tax

Some people are entitled to a full discount and will not need to pay Council Tax at all. You could be entitled to a full discount if:

  • you are a patient in hospital for a long time
  • you are being looked after in a care home
  • you are staying in a hostel or night shelter
  • you are 18 or 19 and still in education
  • you are a care worker on a very low income
  • you are caring for someone with a disability who is not a spouse, partner or child under 18
  • you are a member of visiting armed forces or certain international institutions
  • you are a member of a religious community
  • you are in prison (unless you are in prison for not paying your Council Tax or a fine)
apply to receive a full Council Tax discount

If you have an empty property

You could receive a discount if your property is unoccupied.

Regular reviews

If you get a discount on your Council Tax, we will carry out regular reviews to make sure you’re still entitled to it.

We’ll contact you and ask you to complete a review. If you don’t reply to us, your discount will end and a new Council Tax bill will be issued to you.

If your circumstances change, you must tell us straight away.

tell us about a change in your circumstances