Weston-super-Mare Museum

Weston-super-Mare Museum is subject to a public space protection order.

This order requires that in the museum you must not:

  • cause damage to property
  • behave in an intimidating, disorderly or indecent manner
  • use offensive, intimidating or abusive language
  • intentionally or recklessly cause or do anything likely to cause injury to anyone
  • display or distribute any flyers, placards or notices without permission
  • intentionally view offensive and inappropriate material
  • sell, seek donations/signatures or canvass without permission
  • smoke (including e-cigarettes)
  • bring dogs (unless they are assistance dogs)
  • bring wheeled vehicles or conveyance other than those used for people with limited mobility

Anyone who fails to comply, without reasonable excuse, is in breach unless specific exemptions apply within the order. This order strengthens any existing control measures such as banning and barring measures.