Dog control

Public space protection orders have replaced dog control orders.

If you are in charge of a dog the orders require, as a minimum, that you must:

  • keep your dog(s) under close control at all times
  • carry a poo bag
  • bag it and bin it
  • keep your dog(s) out of children’s play areas

More information about owning a dog can be found in our useful guide:

Earlier this year, we prosecuted an owner for failing to clear up after his dog – he was fined over £4,000:


There are also orders for specific locations which set out certain rules if you are in charge of a dog:

  • You must not allow your dog(s) to go on land that they are banned from.
  • You must keep your dog(s) on a lead in set areas.

Anyone who fails to comply, without reasonable excuse, is in breach unless specific exemptions apply within the order.

If you see a dog in a controlled area, breaching a public space protection order, you can report it to us online.

report a dog issue


Stray or lost dogs

For information about stray or lost dogs, go to our stray or lost dogs page: