Emergency incidents

The emergency services will declare emergency incidents. If you are affected stay in your home and follow the instruction they give. They are there to save your life and protect your property.

Tune into local TV and radio stations and look at social media for updates and information.


  • BBC Radio Bristol: 94.9FM, 104.6FM
  • BBC Somerset: 95.5FM, 1566MW
  • Heart Weston-super-Mare: 103.0FM
  • Heart Bristol: 96.3FM
  • Heart Somerset: 102.6FM
  • The Breeze: 107.7FM
  • Kiss: 101.0FM


  • @NorthSomersetC
  • @ASPolice
  • @AvonFireRescue

Chemical emergencies

In the event of a chemical or radiological emergency, stay indoors. Block doors, windows and vents, and turn off any air conditioning or ventilation units. Prepare for evacuation in case you need to leave your home.

Power failures

Western Power Distribution operates the electricity distribution network in this area. They will advise what to do if the power fails.

Extreme weather

If severe weather is likely to affect North Somerset we will use this website, and our social media feeds, to publish information about how our services will be affected.

A heatwave is when temperatures reach 30 degrees centigrade during the day and 15 degrees centigrade at night. The NHS publishes advice on how to stay cool during hot weather and how to look after someone who may be vulnerable.

The Met Office publish advice on preparing for snow and cold weather.

Flu pandemic

A pandemic is classed as an outbreak of an infectious disease that may spread globally or regionally. Pandemic flu (influenza) is a significant risk to the country. The NHS can advise you on how to protect yourself against seasonal flu.