Our local outbreak management plan

Management of disease outbreaks requires the coordinated efforts of local and national government, Public Health England health protection teams, the NHS, the private and community/voluntary sector and the general public.

The North Somerset Local Outbreak Management Plan (LOMP) provides assurance that appropriate actions are in place (or are ready to implement) to respond to any outbreaks affecting our population.

The LOMP will build on local expertise and effective health protection processes that are already in place. It outlines how we, along with our partners, will positively engage with the public so they’re fully aware and supportive of the crucial part they have to play in the process.  

The government has identified seven themes that are deemed essential to plans to manage an outbreak effectively. They are:

  • care homes and schools
  • identify high risk settings, communities and places
  • local testing capacity
  • contact tracing
  • data integration
  • vulnerable people
  • governance

We all have a role to play in managing the spread of COVID-19. The plan works on the basis of cooperation and consent. Our approach is to work with our community to reduce the impact of the virus and support those who are most vulnerable.

Latest North Somerset COVID-19 data

Current local outbreak management plan

Local outbreak management plan equality impact assessment