Additional restrictions grant

The Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) is a further relief fund offered by the council. It is available for businesses that are either:

  1. ineligible for the Local Restrictions Support Grant (closed)
  2. have suffered hardship due to the COVID-19 restrictions that began on 5 November (local or national)


To be eligible your business must first have both:

  • been open as usual on the day before restrictions came into effect (5 November) 
  • 49 employees or less

If you meet these initial requirements, one or more of the following will also need to apply:

  • you do not pay business rates on the business you trade from or occupy – this includes businesses registered for Council Tax
    • this applies only to the business that you are being forced to close
  • your business was not required to close, but had to due to a significant impact on trading
  • your business is still operating, but with a significant reduction in demand due to social distancing rules

What you will get

The amount of the grant is up to the discretion of the council. It will primarily be based on the number of employees. 

The grant will be paid on a rolling 14-day basis for as long as restrictions apply. 

Please visit our grants payment page to find out more.

The payment rates are as follows:
Number of employees Cash payment per two week term
Businesses with 10 or less employees £500
Businesses with 11 to 49 employees £750

How to apply

You can submit your application to us through our form below. 

You will need to answer questions to verify that your business is eligible, as well as provide some information and a recent bank statement.

If you have more than one business, you will need to apply for each one individually. 

Please note, this payment applies only to those impacted by the local Tier 3 restrictions for North Somerset. 

If you are a business and you have applied for a grant due to hardship under the national restrictions, you will need to apply again for the subsequent local restrictions.

Please note payments are calculated on each two-week period of restriction. If, at the end of this term, the government decides to extend the restriction, you will be paid for each additional two week period, up until the tier is removed.