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Adult social care and health


Carer's needs assessment

A carer’s needs assessment looks at the help you provide and the stress it places on you. It will help you to determine what safeguards you can put in place to support your own wellbeing as a carer, to prevent lapses that may lead to harm or neglect. The purpose is to find out what help we can give to support you and is separate from a needs assessment for the person you care for. 

The assessment may include: 

  • opportunities for breaks during your working hours
  • access to local support groups for carers
  • tools for stress relief or access to counselling
  • training and further education - for example, on how to dress wounds, administer medicines or organise someone else's finances

You have a right to an assessment if you already care for or intend to care for someone. If you have already had an assessment and your situation has changed, you can be re-assessed.

Contact us to find out more or to book a carer’s assessment.