Annual reports

Introduction from the Chair of the North Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board

It is my pleasure, once again, to welcome you to the annual report of the North Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board (NSSAB). This report covers the period between April 2019 and March 2020.

Whilst Covid-19 only affected us towards the end of the reporting period, the impact the virus had and continues to have on us, must be acknowledged. With that in mind, this year’s report is being published later, is shorter and steers the reader to specific topics by way of web links.

Within the body of the report, the tremendous amount of work completed by the Boards sub groups is acknowledged. I would like to thank all sub group members for their commitment.

Since September 2019, the Children's subgroup did not meet for the remainder of this report’s reporting period. This was due to a change in legislation regarding Safeguarding Children Boards. Complications also arose due to further role roles for partnership members who represented the LSAB on that subgroup.

I am pleased to say that that situation has been resolved and progress will be documented in next year’s report.

Attendance at Board meetings has consistently been good - but it is not the attendance, which is critical, it is the participation, which, I am delighted to say, continues to be excellent.

We continue to work closely with the newly formed Children’s Safeguarding Partnership following the restructuring of the Safeguarding Children Board mentioned above. We have a particular focus on “Transitions” - the move from being a child in need to being an adult with care and support needs.

Finally, I am confident that the Board is functioning well – but there is always more to do in our endeavours to improve Safeguarding across North Somerset.

Tony Oliver

Independent Chair, North Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board

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