Advertising with us

Why advertise with us?

As one of the largest media owners in the area, a tailored advertising campaign with North Somerset Council can give your business the edge over your competitors and help you attract new customers.

All the income we generate through this service is re-invested to help support key council services.

Covering an area to the south west of Bristol our advertising reach includes the towns of Weston-super-Mare, Clevedon, Portishead and Nailsea.

We can reach over 200,000 residents through our print and digital mediums, up to 40,000 vehicles daily with roadside advertisements and use a variety of outdoor channels to reach over 9 million tourists every year.

We have a portfolio of unique, exclusive and cost-effective advertising opportunities and can provide a professional and reliable service that includes planning, designing, delivering and analysing your campaign throughout.

Get in touch today for a tailor made campaign.

advertising enquiries

01934 426 474


All the advertising and sponsorship opportunities we provide can be viewed in our advertising and sponsorship opportunities media pack.


Our outdoor advertising opportunities are a great platform for your business to be viewed by thousands of residents, commuters and tourists. Our busiest locations see an average of almost 40,000 vehicles passing every day.

Opportunities include:

  • Roundabout sponsorship
  • Bus shelter advertising
  • Lamppost banner advertising
  • Car park advertising
  • Strawberry Line maps

Use the North Somerset outdoor advertising map to see what opportunities are available.

Print and digital

With our print and digital opportunities, your business can reach over 200,000 residents living in North Somerset and over 98,000 homes. We can tailor your campaign to reach specific demographics depending on your objectives.

Opportunities include:

  • North Somerset Life magazine
  • Council website advertising and promotions
  • Internal opportunities

We use the Council Advertising Network (CAN) to provide advertising across our site.

Any adverts should be appropriate to our audience and we reserve the right to refuse or remove any ad which we consider inappropriate.

All revenue from adverts on our website will be go towards providing council services.


The presence of an advertisement on our website does not act as an endorsement or recommendation of the product or service that is advertised.

While we make every effort to make sure adverts meet standards set out in national guidelines, we’re not responsible for the quality or reliability of any products or services advertised.

We’re not responsible for any errors, omissions or consequences of visiting third party websites via advertising links on our site.

Community and events

We have unique opportunities for sponsorships of various events around North Somerset. We can also provide sponsorship opportunities on our MAVIS Bus which helps to support the vital work that it carries out across North Somerset.