CCTV privacy impact assessments

CCTV throughout North Somerset undergoes an annual privacy impact assessment. The assessment makes sure that CCTV systems are being operated in accordance with the current legislation surrounding data protection, and that they remain fit for the original purpose for which they were installed.

2019 assessment

The latest assessment, conducted on Monday 10 June 2019, found the public space surveillance system operated by us continued to comply with current legislation and is fit for purpose.

The assessments make sure the reasons for introducing them in our public areas are still valid.

In 2018, CCTV was employed 5,805 times which included 192 incidents of anti-social behaviour, 65 sexual offences, 98 of criminal damage, 605 drink and drug related incidents as well as looking for 898 missing persons.

No complaints were received relating to CCTV during this period.

CCTV continues to hold the Certificate of Compliance following its yearly audit by the National Security Inspectorate.

Viewing assessments

Full details of the assessments can be viewed on request.

CCTV control room manager

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