Committee and panel meetings, agendas and minutes

Recommendations and decisions about how we provide services are taken by different committees. Records of meeting agendas, reports and minutes are publicly available to view on our website.

Agendas, report and minutes of meetings, committees and panels

Documents for meetings held from Thursday 1 August 2019

We have an online system for documents of meetings held from Thursday 1 August 2019 onward. You can use it to search for and view meetings by committee or date.

Document archive

All documents for meetings held before Thursday 1 August 2019 are held in an online archive.

Full council and executive meetings

Full council is responsible for the budget and council policies. All 50 elected councillors attend.

The executive carries out functions that are not the responsibility of any other part of the council. The leader and deputy leader appoint members who are allocated certain areas of responsibility.

Committee membership

Scrutiny panel membership