Licence to place objects or structures on a highway

You need this licence if you wish to place objects or structures on the highway, such as:

  • building materials
  • hoardings
  • mobile elevated work platforms
  • scaffolding
  • skips, or
  • a tower crane oversailing the highway
Apply for a highway licence

All applications must be made by the company providing the service or carrying out the work and;

  • be made a minimum of five working days before they are needed
  • sent in with the applicable fee
  • we must hold a valid copy of the company’s public liability insurance (to be emailed annually to upon renewal), with a minimum value of £5m

If you have not had a response within five working days, contact us at . You cannot proceed until you have heard from us.

Permits can be granted for a minimum of one day up to a maximum of one month.

We reserve the right to remove objects or structures on the highway without a permit (fees including any storage may apply).


Application costs can be found in our list of fees and charges.


Highways Act 1980, Section 139, 140 and 140A

Chapter 8 Traffic Signs Manual

Environmental Protection Act 1990, Section 34

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Last reviewed: Monday 29 April 2019