Permits for regulated facilities

You need this permit if you operate a regulated facility which includes:

  • combustion processes (for example, waste oil burners)
  • incinerators (for example, crematoria and waste incineration)
  • timber processes (for example, timber manufacture and timber treatment)
  • mineral processes (for example, cement plant and mineral screening, grading and crushing)
  • animal and plant treatment processes (for example, animal feed manufacture, pet food and composting)
  • solvent and oil recovery processes (for example, petrol filling stations and dry cleaners)

The permit your business needs depends on the specific processes involved and any resulting emissions:

  • Part A2 and Part B (excluding Part B waste operations) are regulated by North Somerset Council
  • Part A1 and Part B waste operations are regulated by the Environment Agency
apply for environmental permits on the Gov.UK website

If you have not heard from us after 94 days of submitting your application, contact the environmental protection team.

Mining waste operations are regulated by the Environment Agency.

For failed applications or any other issues, contact the team. For complaints, contact the person in writing first. Contact the team if you need further help.


Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010

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Last reviewed: Monday 15 February 2016