Key worker COVID-19 testing

We are coordinating the COVID-19 key worker testing process in North Somerset.

If you manage a key worker who is showing coronavirus symptoms, or if they live with someone who is showing symptoms, you can request they are tested for the virus.


Testing can be arranged for key workers in social care and other community and voluntary services that support critical frontline services in North Somerset if they are:

  • self-isolating because the key worker has been showing symptoms for less than five days – in this instance, they are the only eligible person in the household to receive a test and, if they are well enough, a negative result will allow them to return to work
  • self-isolating because an adult in their household is symptomatic but the key worker is not – in this case, the symptomatic adult household member will be offered a test. If more than one household member is symptomatic but not the key worker, then all household members should be tested
  • self-isolating because a child in their household is symptomatic but the key worker is not

How to apply

You can request that your member of staff is tested by filling in the below online form.

The information you give us will be shared with the testing coordination centre. Eligible staff will be contacted and arrangements will be made for testing to take place.

After a staff member has been tested

Your member of staff will receive a text or phone call with their results. They should contact you as soon as they receive their results to discuss the next steps.

It’s important to note that advice will depend on a range of factors and staff who have tested negative may not be able to return to work straightaway, for example if they still have a high temperature. More advice and guidance on coronavirus symptoms is available on the NHS website.