How to vote in elections

If you plan to vote by post or proxy, request your ballot as early as possible. This will make sure it arrives in good time before the election.

Before you can vote in the UK you need to register to vote. Your name and address will then appear on the electoral register.

You can vote at a polling station, by post or by proxy – where someone votes on your behalf.

Applying to vote by post

To apply to vote by post, please follow the below instructions. 

  1. download, print and fill in an application form
    • you can also request a form to be sent to you by reaching us via the contact details below
  2. sign the form
  3. send the form to the Electoral Services team either by email or post

Apply to vote by proxy

To apply to vote by proxy, you can download the application form below and send it via the same process as listed above for postal voting.  

We make sure that postal and proxy voting is secure. We compare the signature and date of birth of everyone who votes in this way against security statements completed by postal voters.

Some exemptions may apply to voters with a disability, or because they can’t read or write.

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