Local elections - Thursday 4 May 2023

Local elections will be held in North Somerset on Thursday 4 May 2023. All 35 district wards and 39 parish councils will hold elections for new councillors.

Information for voters

How to vote, how to apply for, cancel or amend a postal vote and how to apply for, cancel or amend a proxy vote

Standing for election

Nomination papers and guidance, how to book an informal check and details of the prospective candidates briefing

Candidates and agents

Timetable of key events, updates, register request forms, information regarding postal vote openings and the count, agents and guests booking forms and information relating to expenses

Information for parish councils

Guidance regarding the pre-election period and information relating to recharges

Verification and count

Information relating to the verification and counting of the votes

Voter ID in polling stations

Find out what ID will be accepted and how to apply for a voter authority certificate if you do not have valid photographic ID

Working for us at the election

Current election vacancies, job descriptions, how to apply and information for current staff


More information about the elections

Legal notices

All legal notices relating to the May 2023 elections