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Portishead Town Council South ward by-election

An election will take place on Thursday 7 October to elect a parish councillor for Portishead's South Ward.

Only electors registered in Portishead South Ward will be eligible to vote in this election.

COVID and public safety measures

This election will take place at a time when Covid-19 continues to present risks to public health.

Depending on the infection rate, measures taken to control the spread of the virus may change. This means we cannot currently answer all the questions you may have about how the elections will be run.

We are working closely with a number of public bodies to help you stay safe when voting:

  • central government
  • Electoral Commission
  • the wider electoral community
  • public health

How to vote in the election

You can vote:

  • in the polling station
  • by post
  • by appointing someone you trust to vote on your behalf (known as a proxy vote).


The deadline to register to vote is midnight on Tuesday 21 September.

If you want to set up a postal or a proxy vote, do it as early as possible by the deadline.

The deadline to apply to vote by post is 5pm on Wednesday 22 September. This is also the deadline to change or cancel an existing postal vote.

The deadline to apply to apply to vote by proxy is 5pm on Wednesday 29 September.

Poll cards

Poll cards will be sent out mid-September. Your poll card will tell you:

  • your current voting arrangements
  • if you are voting in a polling station, it will include details of where you need to go

You do not need to take your poll card to the polling station with you in order to vote.

Information for candidates and agents

We will publish a notice of election on Thursday 2 September on our public and legal notices page.

Nomination forms

You can submit your nomination forms fromFriday 3 September to Friday 10 September between 10am and 4pm without an appointment.

The original version of the nomination form must be delivered by hand to our Town Hall address.

Town Hall

Walliscote Grove Road, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1UJ

Measures will be in place to ensure this is conducted safely. Please refer to the Electoral Commission guidance on what documentation can be sent via fax or email.

Nomination paper check

We are offering an informal check of nomination papers during the time and dates specified above, with the exception of Friday 10 September.

These appointments will need to be booked in advance. Please email Electoral Services for further information or to book an appointment.

Timeline of events

Event Date Time
publication of notice of election 2 September  
start of nominations 3 September  
close of receipt of nominations  10 September 4pm
delivery of notice of withdrawal of candidature  10 September 4pm
publication of statements of persons nominated  13 September  
last date for registration - deadline for applications  21 September midnight
receipt of postal vote and postal proxy applications  22 September 5pm
receipt of ordinary proxy vote applications  29 September 5pm
appointment of poll and count agents  30 September  
day of poll 7 October polling stations open 7am to 10pm
verification of the votes (following close of poll)  7 October  
counting of votes 7 October