Owners of assets included on our community asset register can ask us to review a decision. You must ask us within eight weeks of the asset being listed. We will thank you for your review within five working days and tell you what will happen. We aim to complete reviews within eight weeks and will let you know outcomes in writing. The owner can ask for a hearing and may appoint a representative to act on their behalf.

If the review means that a change to the listing is needed we will tell

  • the occupier of the land, if this is not the owner
  • the person who nominated the asset
  • the owner, the holder of the freehold estate and the holder of any leasehold estate
  • the relevant town or parish council
  • the ward councillor(s)
  • HM Land Registry

Appealing a review

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the review you can appeal to

community right to bid appeals

HM Courts and Tribunals First Tier Tribunal (General Regulatory Chamber) PO Box 9300 Leicester LE1 8DJ