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Policies, plans and strategies

Our policies, plans and strategies set out what we do and how we will achieve it. Strategy documents usually set out long-term aspirations and targets while plans are normally more detailed, setting out the actions which need to be taken to achieve these goals.

Beach and dune management plan

This plan details the actions we will take to make sure that the beach and sand dunes at Weston-super-Mare provide effective flood protection into the future.

Child poverty strategy

We are determined to improve life chances for children who live in poverty. Download our child poverty strategy (pdf).

Co-production policy

This is about how our people and communities directorate will involve service users, carers and the voluntary sector as early and effectively as possible in the writing or changing a policy, changing a current service or developing a new one. Download the co-production policy statement (pdf).

Corporate plan

Our corporate plan responds to the changing national agenda and new legislation, setting out our aims, priorities and values for the next four years and our contribution to the sustainable community strategy. Download our corporate plan (pdf).

Education commissioning strategy

This strategy sets out how we plan to support schools to provide inclusive and improving education that achieves the highest possible standards and is financially viable. Download our education commissioning strategy (pdf).

Family and friends (kinship) care policy

This policy sets out the arrangements for promoting and providing support to meet the needs of children placed with carers who are placed with carers who are family and friends. Download our family and friends (kinship) care policy (pdf).

Fraud and debt recovery

We have a zero-tolerance approach towards fraud and irregularity and we are doing more to deter it. To find out more download a copy of our counter-fraud strategy (pdf) and prosecution policy (pdf). 

We will always pursue recovery of debts, irrespective of how they came to be made. However, there will be both practical and legal limits to how cases should be handled and each case will be dealt with on its merits. For more information download our debt recovery policy (pdf).


View housing policies, plans and strategies.

Local flood risk management strategy

One of our responsibilities as Lead Local Flood Authority is to produce a local flood risk management strategy that details how we manage flood risk from surface water, ordinary watercourses and groundwater across the area.

Local plan

The adopted local plans form what is known as the development plan and are the most important planning documents. They are used to co-ordinate and plan future development and for making decisions on planning applications.

Local transport plan

The joint local transport plan sets out how we plan to deliver an improved transport service across the district in partnership with surrounding local authorities who work together as the West of England Partnership. To view the most recent version of the plan visit the TravelPlus website.

Pay policy

Our pay policy statement describes the policies that relate to the remuneration of our workforce (not including schools). It provides sufficient information about our pay policies to enable local tax payers to reach an informed view about local decisions on all aspects of remuneration for the council’s non-school employees. Download our pay policy statement (pdf).

Prevention and early intervention strategy

This strategy extends our vision for prevention services until 2020 and the accompanying action plan (pdf) explains the actions we will take to meet it. The strategy represents the joint ambitions of health, social care, and housing services in North Somerset to develop their preventative approach to service provision. The key aim of this strategy is: ‘Improving the health, wellbeing and independence of adults in North Somerset’. Download our prevention and early intervention strategy 2015-2020 (pdf).

Public health strategy

Our public health strategy and implementation plan 2013 - 2015 looks to improve and protect the health and wellbeing of everyone in North Somerset, with a focus on those with the poorest health. Download the strategy and an overview of it (pdf).

Social care market position statement

The aim of this document is to give a broad overview of the current social care market in the area and the likely direction it will take in the coming years. It focuses on the social care market for accommodation-based services (residential services with or without nursing). This document is aimed at providers of social care services for adults but will also be of interest and informative to the users of services and the public. Download the North Somerset social care market position statement (pdf).

Sustainable community strategy

The sustainable community strategy lays out a shared 18-year vision for the whole district. The strategy has been prepared by the North Somerset Partnership and identifies the key challenges that need to be overcome to improve quality of life for people living in North Somerset. For more information visit the North Somerset Partnership website.