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We consult with local people on how we can improve our services, performance and to decide on how to best use our resources.

  • taking part in a consultation
  • citizens’ panel
  • compliments, suggestions and complaints
  • petitions

Taking part in a consultation

We run a number of consultations each year and we want you to tell us your views. We consult on:

  • general consultations
    These are consultations about services that we provide or decisions that we have to take. Your input can make a difference to how our services are run.
  • local development framework
    These are consultations about the long-term development of North Somerset.
  • road and travel consultations
    These are consultations about road and travel improvements in North Somerset.
  • equalities consultations
    This is an opportunity for organisations engaged in equalities issues to give their official, organisational response to our consultations.

Visit our eConsult website to comment on a consultation, register for weekly updates by email or through our consultation RSS feed. For more information contact our research and information officer.

Citizens’ panel

Our citizens’ panel gives local people the chance to influence our policies and decisions to improve our performance, and use our resources effectively to provide services.

Compliments, suggestions and complaints

You don’t have to take part in a survey to tell us what you think. For more information read our compliments, suggestions and complaints FAQs.


We welcome petitions and recognise that they are one way in which people can let us know their concerns. For more information read our petitions FAQs.